Crude Oil Storage Applications

Maximizing Crude Oil Storage Capacity with Mixing Technology

When crude oil is produced, it’s accompanied by sand, salt and other unwanted debris.  Water is also added to allow easier pumping into the pipeline.  These impurities are removed in the refining process – but until the crude is delivered to the refinery, bottom sludge & water (BS&W) can settle on the bottom of an oil tank, a process called “Sanding-In” takes place, which forces the tank operator to empty the tank and engage in a lengthy, expensive and environmentally challenging cleanup.

Milton Roy Mixing’s Side Entry Mixer keeps BS&W in suspension.  Mounted on the flange of the tank, side-entry mixers feature fewer moving parts, minimize vibration, offer a longer mechanical seal life and are easier to maintain.

While running, the mixers’ impellers generate the right fluid velocity distribution to provide the highest and most efficient performance.  Our proprietary SABRE® 4-blade impeller provides the industry’s highest flow at the lowest horsepower, delivering a 15-20-percent energy savings over traditional mixers.

Because of our proprietary lockout design, tank operators can safely replace the mixer mechanical seal quickly and easily, even if the tank is full.  For storage tanks that use a floating roof, the smaller blade design makes the operational tank volume greater when compared to conventional mixing technology.  Fast and efficient shut off actuation capabilities also help to ensure limited environmental impact, by lessening the potential for oil spills or leaks.

Milton Roy's side-entry mixer

Side Entry Mixer

Our Milton Roy Mixing side-entry mixer for large-volume storage tanks is mounted quickly and easily to the tank flange and delivers the most effective mixing results in an extremely efficient unit. Our innovative small diameter impeller allows for reduced energy consumption and easy installation.

oil and gas application

How the Mixer Plays a Key Role in Maximizing Crude Oil Storage Capacity

At a time when crude oil inventory and oil storage capacity is maxed out, and monthly storage rates are at an all-time high, facility operators can ill-afford downtime, or any lost capacity due to BS&W accumulation.

Milton Roy

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