Increased Efficiency and Uptime Through Milton Roy’s Global Services Program

Milton Roy Global Services covers both oil & gas and water product lines with two primary functions:

  • spare parts management
  • services

This focus allows Milton Roy to create closer relationships with customers and dramatically increase support, resulting in customer success. Through training and support, Milton Roy can reduce unplanned downtime and increase plant efficiency.

Milton Roy recognizes that organizations in the energy industry are asset intensive operations, dependent on consistent and reliable performance of their operation. Ageing assets, environmental threats, safety and regulatory compliancy requirements, as well as emerging technologies add to this daily challenge.

Milton Roy’s equipment has been designed to operate at peak-performance throughout the product lifecycle, and our asset management programs generate the maximum value for companies with asset intensive bases.

Companies applying these asset management programs, on average, spend considerably less on unplanned downtime. After enrolling in the program, they quickly realize the benefit.

Milton Roy Asset Management Programs offer:

  • Audits – mapping and full record of products on site
  • Health Checks – an in-service cross-sectional overview of products in preparation for a scheduled plant outage
  • Maintenance Contracts – a scheduled program servicing products to an agreeable timescale to maximize asset performance and minimize downtime
  • Asset Management Program – assist in assessing inventory obsolescence management, lifecycle management, asset performance, etc.
  • Commissioning Spares – spares available during start-up / commissioning of new equipment
  • Routine Preventive Maintenance kits – replace components that wear during the equipment lifecycle; ensuring reliable product operation.

Milton Roy’s Commissioning and/or Start-Up Assistance program features a team of experienced and highly capable Field Service experts to ensure a total plant focus for optimum performance.


WWT Muni Aftermarket White Paper

Water and Wastewater Treatment (WWT) services are critical to every community, but it has never been more important than it is today. As we struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for clean water has increased as more and more people stay at home consuming increasingly higher amounts of water, at a time when capital expenditure budgets at WWT plants are being significantly reduced.

Read our Aftermarket Services white paper to see how water treatment facilities can stretch shrinking budgets to get the most out of existing equipment through invaluable aftermarket services.