Milton Roy, or through its vast network of partners and representatives, can provide professional training in the installation, use, and maintenance of our dosing pumps. Training varies by region so please check with your local representative for details.


European Dosing School
Located at our facility in Pont-Saint-Pierre, France, we can train our partners and customers to increase proficiency in the installation and overall use of Milton Roy metering pumps. Started in 1999, this authorized center offers theoretical and practical modules. The Dosing School has achieved a 90% satisfaction rating for quality and relevance of the training and the instructor’s expertise.

Because dosing pumps are an integral part of critical processes, the training will help you optimize the metering pump usage and reduce the high cost of maintenance.

Our Program
The Standard Training Program is a four-day session covering the whole range of products.

We can also offer on-site training at your facility or specialized training to meet your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Contact information
Mrs Blandine HIS – Dosing School Manager
Telephone: +33 (0)
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E-mail: [email protected]


Registration Form

 Training Class  Date(MM/DD/YY)  Class Type
 Milton Roy Advanced Training: SCD Deep Dive 03/08/2021   Webinar
 Milton Roy Advanced Training: ACC Deep - Dive 03/15/2021  Webinar
 Milton Roy API 675: Positive Displacement Pumps 01/31/2021
 Milton Roy Metering Pump Fundamentals 02/22/2021
 Milton Roy Product Training: General Product Training 04/07/2021   Webinar
 Milton Roy Product Training: Centrac Training 04/27/2021   Webinar
 Milton Roy Product Training: MacRoy 05/04/2021   Webinar
 Milton Roy Product Training: mRoy  05/18/2021
 Milton Roy Product Training; PrimeRoyal (Models: K, L, N) 06/01/2021   Webinar
 Milton Roy Product Training: Proteus 06/09/2021   Webinar
 Milton Roy Service Training: MacRoy 06/28/2021   Webinar
 Milton Roy Service Training: mRoy 07/06/2021   Webinar
 Milton Roy Service Training; Centrac DC to AC Conversion 02/15/2021   Webinar
 Milton Roy Service Training: PrimeRoyal 02/08/2021   Webinar