Metallic Diaphragm Liquid End and Critical Service Head

Metering Pump Principles Part lll

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The Milton Roy Series of Metallic Diaphragms are unparalleled for use in critical, high pressure applications such as oil and gas platforms and specialty industrial applications. They are especially useful where temperatures and pressures of both the environment and the process chemical can be variable or otherwise difficult. The Metallic diaphragm lines are preferred for their longevity and durability in many difficult applications.

Metallic diaphragm metering pumps are hydraulically-actuated in the same manner and style as a standard hydraulically-actuated drive liquid end. However, the PTFE or other usual diaphragm material is replaced with a special metal alloy particular to the application to produce higher pressures than more traditional materials. 

The metal design of the diaphragm also manages difficult chemicals such as abrasives, slurries and other special requirements compounds easier and more efficiently than its more standard version. Many oil and gas offshore drilling platforms require metallic diaphragms because of their high reliability and longevity. In any application where critical service is required, the Milton Roy Metallic Diaphragm is the product of choice for these chemical dosing situations.

Water treatment plant

High Performance Diaphragm

The High Performance Diaphragm liquid end, HPD, combines all of the best characteristics of traditional liquid ends into one technologically advanced design. Its operating characteristics and simplicity of operation make it the best pump to consider first for most metering pump applications.


HPD operation is similar to the disc diaphragm in that it is hydraulically actuated and utilizes the same shape and diaphragm. It is similar to a tubular diaphragm in the respect that the process fluid has a “straight through” path through the liquid end. Its low NPSH requirements are similar to that of a packed plunger liquid end. But the primary advantages of the HPD are the unique design features that separate it from traditional designs.

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