Helisem® Range of Top-Entry Agitators

Optimized and cost-effective agitation for open or pressurized tanks

Our Helisem top-entry agitators are a standard, well-proven mixing technology used in numerous industries and applications.  Our field-proven design, has been mechanically proven with more than 16,000 references.

Ranging from 50 to 200m³ or pressurized tanks up to 7 bar, Helsium top-entry mixers are fitted with high-performance propellers and supported by CFD simulation studies.  With an extensive range of 250 products and a global network of experts, you can get the right product and service for your application.

Quality design. All Helisem mixers are manufactured with accuracy and adhere to quality standards so you get the best product for the value.

Less waste. By engineering our agitators with a higher reaction output, the result is less waste to be treated and fewer by-products.

Lower power consumption. Helisem agitators have an energy-efficient design, requiring less power and better environmental performance

Reduced maintenance with a simple reliable design. Because we use standard parts, expert engineering, and a global service network, the time and cost of maintenance is lower over the life of the agitator.

The Helisem agitators come in a wide range of models with pressure and temperature ranges to suit your needs.

For detailed information about which model is right for your application, ask your rep about our selection tool.

VD Series

Open tanks with volumes from 0.5 to 5 m³ – Atmospheric pressure – Temperature up to 70°C

VR Series

Open tanks with volumes from 0.5 to 200 m³ – Atmospheric pressure – Temperature up to 90°C.

FR Series

Open tanks with volumes from 1 to 400 m³ – Atmospheric pressure – Temperature up to 90°C.

VL Series

Open tanks with volumes from 0.5 to 10m³ – Atmospheric pressure – Temperature up to 70° C

VT Series

Closed tanks with volumes from 0.5 to 2 m³ – Sealing systems – Pressure from 0 to 5 bars – Temperatures up to 120°C.

Helimix mixer

Closed with volumes from 100 to 1000 liters

Because of it broad range, Helisem agitators are used in many industries including

Chemical Industry. Mixing for fine chemical and mineralogy

General Industry. Agitation of bitumen, painting, inks, additives, adhesives, textiles, lubricants, and fermentation storage and processing

Oil and gas. Amine injection

Water treatment. Mixers for basic treatment, sludge digestion, O2 injection

Pharmaceuticals. Storage and processing for numerous applications

Food & Beverage. Mixing required for processing of olive oil and sugars.

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