Surface Water Treatment Applications

Enabling safe drinking water with proper dosing technology

Surface water typically contains suspended solids, bacteria, algae, organic matter and other impurities that create health risks and can also lead to a bad taste, a foul odor, and cloudy or unclear water.   To remove these impurities, the process of water treatment consists of dosing flocculants, coagulants, disinfectants, and many other chemicals to control pH and other aspects of water quality.   The process has several dosing points and metering pump performance is critical.

Milton Roy metering pumps are a highly-reliable choice for municipal water treatment applications. Our metering pumps are highly efficient and are designed to provide a wide range of flow rates as well as other advanced features important to the water treatment process.

Our metering pumps have been used in thousands of installations and are highly reliable requiring minimal maintenance, reducing overall pump lifecycle costs.

global mRoy metering pumps

mROY® Series Metering Pumps

The mROY series metering pumps are well tested and have proven themselves superior time and time again in water treatment applications.  These compact, economical pumps provide worry free performance with all the key features to match your process requirements.

series G / Marcroy pump

G Series Metering Pumps

Combining heavy-duty industrial drive technology with state-of-the art design and manufacturing processes, the G series metering pump provides accurate performance at pressures up to 175 psi (12 bar) and flow rates up to 310 gph (1181l/h)

Diaphragm Pumps Ideal for Water Treatment & Reuse

The hydraulically-actuated diaphragm design offers the longest life and the smallest maintenance requirements with performance that exceeds requirements in the water treatment industry.

Milton Roy

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