Chemical Industry

Accuracy, flexibility and performance for the industry’s harshest chemical processes



The chemical industry is focused on the synthesis of finished or intermediate products. In chemical processing, the toxic nature of fluids, combined with numerous temperature and pressure variations during production requires metering pumps, packages, and mixing technology that is safe, adaptable and highly-reliable.

Milton Roy offers standard and customized metering pumps and packages with hydraulically-actuated or critical service diaphragms designed to deliver ±1% steady-state accuracy with 100:1 turndown ratios.  In addition, we offer capacity control options for accurate flow control.  Our modular designs accept a variety of liquid ends to safely dose hazardous chemicals while protecting the environment. Flexible multiplex configurations enable our pumps and systems to address a wide range of capacities and pressures right for your process requirements.

Agitation plays a key role in chemical industry operations such as gas-liquid reactions, liquid holding suspension, homogenization, gas dispersion, heat transfer and many more.  Our Milton Roy Mixing’s wide selection of standard and custom-made agitators can handle your most difficult processing operation.