MECHROY™ Series Pumps

A simple yet robust design for a wide range of applications

The MECHROY pump is a reciprocating, chemical dosing pump capable of producing flows up to 400 liters per hour (105.7 GPH) at pressures up to 5 Bar (72 PSI). The pump features a mechanically actuated diaphragm liquid-end, which eliminates the need for flow restricting contour plates, and a stroke adjustment mechanism based on the variable eccentric principle instead of the traditional lost motion design. Designed for industrial service and offering an accuracy of +/- 2% of full rated flow between 10% and 100% of its flow range.

The MECHROY metering pump addresses the need for a simple, cost-effective metering pump that can meet a wide range of applications without compromising performance.

Mechanically actuated diaphragm liquid-end eliminates flow restrictions

Proven Liquid end technology for years of reliable service

Compact footprint to maximize available space

Durable metallic housing for corrosive environments

Oil Bath Lubrication provides smooth operation and longer parts life

  • Flow rate:
    Up to 400 L/H (105.7 GPH) depending on pump model
  • Pressure:
    Up to 5 Bar (72 PSI) depending on pump model
  • Liquid-end type:
    Mechanically actuated diaphragm
  • Drive type:
    Variable eccentric
  • Steady state accuracy:
    +/- 2% of pump full rated capacity between 10% and 100% of rated capacity
  • Capacity adjustment:
    Lockable stroke adjustment knob is adjustable from 0% to 100% while pump is running
  • Temperature ambient and liquid:
    40°C Maximum / -10°C Minimum (100°F Maximum / 14°F Minimum)
  • Suction lift:
    2 meters (6.5 feet) of water column maximum
    11.5 psia minimum internal pressure
    (3.2 psi maximum vacuum)
  • Agricultural
  • Chemical
  • General Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Textiles
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Other (Contact your local representative)

Milton Roy

Accudyne Industries