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milton roy valves

Milton Roy offers a complete line of accessories designed to make even the most demanding dosing processes work smoothly. Pressure relief valves, backpressure valves, and pulsation dampeners are just a few of the items available to meet the needs of your process.

Pinch valves control the flow of fluids (liquid, gas or power) and provide a leak-proof seal when closed.  They are cost-effective, simple to install and require little maintenance.

The valves are made up of a valve body and a cylindrical sleeve reinforced with natural or synthetic rubber.  Typically in an open state, the valve is closed by the application of pressure between the valve body and the sleeve. This pressure is created by a fluid, usually compressed air,that crushes the sleeve in a particular direction, completely closing the valve.

Available in cast iron, aluminum and PVC materials, we offer a complete range of full-bore valves suitable for a range of applications:

  • Acids: hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric, hydrofluoric, etc.
  • Alkalis: sodium hydroxide, ammonia, potassium, phosphates, sodium bicarbonate, etc.
  • Viscous or abrasive liquids: seawater, wastewater, lime wash, paper pulp, paint, sludge, soot, clay slip, etc.
  • Edible liquids: beer, wine, cocoa butter, edible oils, beet juice, milk, sugar, syrups, etc.
  • Powdered products: cement, flour, sand, talc
  • Other fluids: reagents for water treatment, organic solvents, fertilizers, etc
Milton Roy pinch valves
The “MRV” series back pressure and pressure relief valves help to maintain a set pressure or relieve excess pressure on the pump and system.

The 2-port design allows each valve to be used both as a pressure relief and back pressure valve to ensure accurate metering and pump performance.

Available in a range of materials, pressure adjustability for 0 to 150 psi, and various connection options, these valves enable installation fit and flexibility for your operations.  An optional port enables the use of a standard pressure gauge to see the results of field adjustments.

Milton roy back pressure valves
Calibration columns are a fast, easy, economical means of checking flow rates of your Milton Roy metering pumps.

The devices perform periodic monitoring and verification of the pump flow rate to ensure optimal performance and injection accuracy.   In addition, they can be used to verify pump capacity after routine maintenance.  Available in six sizes, the units are easily installed and are a great addition for prime pump performance.

calibration cylinders
Pulsation dampeners are pressure vessels that control pressure fluctuations and spikes in liquid piping systems.

They contain a flexible bladder that separates an inert pressurized gas (air or nitrogen) from a system fluid in the lower chamber.  Available in a range of chemically resistant materials, pulsation dampeners remove virtually all hydraulic shock, enhancing all-around performance and reliability of fluid flow in industrial and chemical transfer applications.

pulsation dampener

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