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streaming current detecors scd

Effective monitoring and control

Water and wastewater treatment

Milton Roy’s Streaming Current Detector (SCD) is used to monitor and control coagulants in water or wastewater treatment. SCD is an analyzer which measures the net electric charge of particles after coagulant dosing.  This measurement is then used to establish a set point to control coagulant dosing as influent turbidity changes and assures a consistent effluent quality

The streaming current detector has built-in features that provide optimal control
  • Maintains coagulant dosing at the optimum point without overdosing
  • Assures regulatory compliance with turbidity standards
  • Provides best available technology for water quality
  • Continuous on-line operation provides instant alarm for dosing issues
  • Several models available to meet your control needs

Water treatment. Coagulants are used in effluent water treatment for solids suspended solids removal and water clarification. The commonly used coagulants include aluminum sulfate, polyaluminum chloride (PAC) and ferric sulfate.

In addition to water and wastewater treatment, the SCD is widely used in paper making, petroleum, food, chemical, and other industries where close control of coagulant or charge altering chemicals is beneficial.

Milton Roy

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